Friday, April 24, 2015

Wall of Life

Students in the 2410/3410 combined photography class are
 critquing each other's prints.  The Wayne State University class is a black
and white silver gealitan class led by instructor Marilyn Zimmerman.
   I was sitting in the back of my black and white photography class at Wayne State when I noticed how the light was shining on the wall. So I pulled out my cell phone and snapped the picture as an assignment for my photojournalism class. Pictures were being illuminated, helping to make them the focus of my picture.    
   This was so much more than a photography class. It was ran as a community project, with the priority of self-growth being the focal point.
   We learned how to take photos and develop them ourselves with different chemicals. We also learned a lot about ourselves, and important life lessons.
   A year ago, I wouldn't have noticed the ambience of this photo. Through my college career and experience, I've come to realize that the world is so much bigger through a camera lens.

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